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Welcome to the May 2007 issue of the International Lawyer Coach Newsletter™ published by International Lawyer Coach, Inc.  


NEW DEVELOPMENTS Training! Lawyers are asking for more professional development training to enhance rainmaking, communication and leadership skills, among others.  If the lawyers in your firm or corporation would benefit from more professional development, consider one of the many customized Training Programs offered by International Lawyer Coach, Inc. 


UPCOMING BOOK CHAPTER FOR ABA  As many of you know, I recently presented Moving Up the International Law Career Ladder at the Spring Meeting of the International Law Section of the ABA in Washington, D.C.  Currently I am writing a chapter for the next edition of Careers in International Law, the ABA International Law Section bestseller. I welcome your input as I write my chapter! If you have thoughts to share about creative strategies for international law careers, please email me.


INTERVIEWS  Read the new interview with Dean Robert Gallucci of the School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University, in which he answers the question: What makes an effective international lawyer?


CLIENT DEVELOPMENT TIP:  EFFECTIVE CLIENT COMMUNICATION IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY  All too often attorneys mail thick firm brochures and form cover letters to prospective clients.  This shows that the lawyer did not care enough to prepare a personal or culturally sensitive response. Instead, after meeting a prospective client, spend time tailoring your follow-up correspondence to your potential client.   Personalize it, and click here for tips on how to do so. If your clients come from another culture, make sure that you communicate in a way that makes them feel comfortable.  For tips, read Client Communication in a Global World as published this spring by the College of the State Bar of Texas.


CAREER TIP: MOVING UP IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY   Climbing the ladder of career success increasingly requires lawyers to have cross-cultural savvy.  For tips on how to move up the career ladder in our global economy read The Culturally Savvy Associate:  Top Three Tips for Moving Up in a Global Economy as published in the current issue of the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine. The tips work for more senior lawyers, too.


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