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Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends:


Welcome to the December 2006 issue of the International Lawyer Coach Newsletter™ published by International Lawyer Coach, Inc.   I hope that this newsletter finds you healthy, happy and not overwhelmed by year-end matters.


WHAT’S NEW  Lawyers regularly suffer stress, especially during the busy year-end crunch.  In response to a demand for more stress management tips for lawyers, I have added a Stress Reduction category to the International Lawyer Coach Blog.


RECENT PUBLICATIONS  Last month the Texas Bar Journal published my article titled Going Global:  A Guide to Growing an International Law Practice, and this month the Texas Bar Journal quoted me in an article on coaching for lawyers.  To read some of my recent book reviews published in The Houston Lawyer, including a review of Business Development for Lawyers, please access the Learn: Professional Development page of the website. 


PRACTICE TIP: GET CLIENT FEEDBACK   Painful as it may be, lawyers benefit immeasurably by receiving client feedback on their work, communication style, responsiveness and the like.  As you set your goals for 2007, plan to gather client feedback in early 2007 and to make prompt, responsive changes. 


Success Story:  I recently coached a “Type A” personality who prided herself on her promptness.  However, because her workload had increased, she had fallen behind on deliverables to her clients.  She solicited client feedback and was shocked to learn that clients labeled her “tardy”.  We developed and she implemented specific strategies for improving the timeliness of her work product; this increased client satisfaction, and stopped her clients from leaving for one of her competitors.  Read more about getting client feedback.


CLIENT DEVELOPMENT TIP: LET CLIENTS CHOOSE AMONG CREATIVE GIFTS  Help your clients remember you after the holidays with creative and memorable holiday gifts.  You might even offer the client a choice of holiday gift this season.  For example, you might donate to a charity designated by the client, let the client choose a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or store, or have the client select an appealing coffee table book from a list of options.  That way the client can pick something meaningful and appealing to the client


Also, consider client gifts that last beyond the holidays, such as a plant or a magazine subscription rather than consumable food.  Click the links for more ideas about giving clients choices  and creatively commemorating holidays.


CAREER CHANGE TIP  The internet is a terrific tool, but nothing beats in person contact (especially when searching for employment abroad) for powerful networking and understanding local markets. Click here to read about making your foreign job hunt more effective with travel.


JUMPSTART 2007 WITH COACHING:  FREE COACHING SESSIONS FOR YOU AND REFERRAL   If you refer a new client to me, you AND the referral will each receive a complimentary 30-minute coaching session.


COMMENTS WELCOME/PLEASE FORWARD Please review the website and email me your comments at I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggested practice tips or topics.  Please also forward this newsletter to friends and colleagues who may be interested in receiving it.




“When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country.  I make up for lost time when I come home.” 

Sir Winston Churchill



Best wishes for happy holidays,


Janet H. Moore

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