How Can Coaching Help You Compete in a Global Environment?

Results. Coaching clients achieve results. Studies show that people make greater progress when they are held accountable by someone like a coach.

Ambitious, Measurable Goals. Attorneys who want to achieve ambitious goals faster hire a coach. Coaching attracts proactive clients who want to dramatically improve their performance, productivity and career satisfaction. Janet coaches clients towards reaching concrete, measurable targets within specific time frames.

International Expertise. Some lawyers want to grow international practices; other lawyers just want to learn how to remain competitive in a global environment. Janet’s clients mention her international outlook, and both law firm and in-house international experience, as particularly helping them take their practices to the next level.

Customized Rainmaking and Client Development in a Global Economy. As globalization spreads, attorneys need rainmaking strategies for a global economy. Many clients work with Janet to: create and launch customized rainmaking and client development strategies; develop their public image and personal branding; and generate media exposure. Clients note Janet’s skill at zeroing in on each client’s unique marketing edge.

Career Transition in a Global Economy. Many lawyers seek Janet’s coaching when they want to change careers. Whether suffering from burnout or needing a change for other reasons, attorneys rely on coaching to guide their next step. Janet uses diagnostic tools and other techniques to help clients make meaningful and satisfying career choices amidst rapid globalization. Her experience working full time, part time, in law and outside the law gives her invaluable insights about different career options.

Confidentiality. Per written contract with her clients, Janet keeps her clients’ identities and other personal information confidential, unless she has written permission to disclose them.

Individualized, Client-structured Sessions. After the initial intake session, clients set the agenda. Sessions are customized to meet each client’s unique objectives. Common objectives include: becoming a rainmaker, developing leadership skills, improved client development, career change, maximized productivity, improved communication, heightened career satisfaction, better time management and improved work/life balance.

Proactive Encouragement. Clients cite Janet’s ability to uncover, emphasize and encourage each client’s unique talents. Clients credit her insight, enthusiasm and encouragement with propelling them forward.

Unbiased Support. Unlike co-workers or spouses, coaches empower their clients through unbiased support and feedback.

Typical Session. During the initial session, the coach assesses the client’s current issues, interests and needs. Janet often uses the DiSC profile or other objective assessment tools to gather data about her clients. Although the initial intake session usually lasts several hours, typical subsequent sessions last 30 or 45 minutes. Because Janet’s clients live all over the globe, most clients opt for sessions via telephone. In-person sessions can also be arranged.

Discount Packages. For clients committing to blocks of sessions in advance, special discounted package rates are available.

Duration. The number of sessions depends on the client’s needs and goals. Studies show that coaching clients improve most when they continue coaching for at least three months. Although a few opt for less coaching, most choose more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Clients not completely satisfied after the first month may request a refund.

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