Training: Professional Development


Our uniquely interactive training programs teach practical skills that lawyers need to be successful in a global economy. Our signature professional development programs actively involve participants to maximize their learning.

We highly customize each program to meet the client’s unique requirements, and to consider participants’ practice area(s), experience, law firm or corporate culture, and similar factors.

Trainings last half days or several days, and may include CLE credit. Follow on coaching (individual or small group) individualizes and customizes the skills learned to each lawyer’s unique needs and strengths.


Develop More Clients across Cultures: Is your law practice going global–or do you want to reach more clients globally? ┬áThis training teaches lawyers specific skills for succeeding at cross-cultural client development. Traditional US-style rainmaking techniques do not work well abroad. Lawyers learn how to develop non-US clients effectively and creatively with customized, culturally-sensitive rainmaking strategies.

Entertain Clients Effectively–and Enjoy It: Business entertaining across cultures is an art…and a science. Learn how to make business entertaining highly effective while also being fun and easy. Lawyers will walk away with a step-by-step program for stellar business entertaining.

Cultivate Client Loyalty and Satisfaction across the Globe: A successful law practice needs satisfied and loyal clients–which can be a challenge across the globe. This training teaches lawyers culturally-appropriate, client service, satisfaction and communication strategies to keep clients loyal and satisfied, despite geographic and cultural distance.

Working with American Clients, Colleagues and Co-Counsel–A Program for Non-US Attorneys: Working with Americans can be difficult. ┬áTheir communication style, work habits, and personalities can be overwhelming, off-putting and even overbearing. This program takes the mystery out of working with Americans. Non-US Attorneys will learn specific strategies for developing American clients, keeping them satisfied and loyal, and working productively with American colleagues and co-counsel.

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