Executive Coaching for Lawyers Seeking Career Change


   Are you transitioning, or hoping to transition, from your current job? Do you want to change your practice area, or perhaps work part-time? Are you considering moving from a law firm, in-house or government practice to one of the other practices? Or, are you retiring from your law practice and wondering what you will do next?

An experienced Executive Coach can help you create customized strategies to:
– Identify and market your unique strengths and talents
– Evaluate law firm, in-house and government practices
– Uncover interesting and meaningful alternate careers
– Strategically plan and implement next steps

– Network more effectively
 My legal career took several forms during my fifteen years of practice. For over ten years I practiced international law full-time at a major international law firm and a major corporation. Subsequently, I transitioned to a part-time domestic practice, and simultaneously launched a successful communications business.

   Having experienced several career moves, I understand how exciting and challenging career change can be. I personally relate to my clients who are transitioning within the law, or leaving the law altogether. During the coaching process, I use a variety of diagnostic tools; these tools give clients crucial objective feedback, and enable them to clarify professional and personal priorities. I work closely with my clients to help them create fulfilling and successful careers and lives that they love.
    Janet H. Moore     







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