Executive Coaching for Foreign Lawyers Wanting to Enter the US Market

Are you a non-US lawyer who wants to attract more US clients? Are you a non-US lawyer studying or working in the United States, and wanting to understand and fit into US law firm culture?

An experieced International Lawyer/Executive Coach can help you develop customized strategies to:

– Work at and acclimate to a US law firm
– Market yourself effectively to US firms
– Cultivate US-based clients
– Strategically build a US practice
– Network more effectively

Having lived abroad several times, including while practicing law in Mexico City as a foreign visiting lawyer, I experienced first hand the excitement and challenges of living and practicing law abroad. I have also worked closely with many foreign lawyers who are studying and working in the United States, and helped them to become acclimated to the challenges of a US legal practice. I use this experience to help lawyers handle the unique professional and personal issues faced while practicing abroad.


 Janet H. Moore




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