Develop Customized Strategies

Develop Customized Strategies to:

Bring in More Clients: Do you want more clients? As globalization spreads, lawyers need new and creative ways to bring in more clients. Janet combines her expertise in international media and communications with her international law experience to help lawyers get more clients. Together they specifically identify each lawyer’s ideal clients. Then they develop specific, customized action steps, marketing plans, and public relations strategies that target ideal clients in this increasingly global economy.

Become a Global Rainmaker: Are you using the same old rainmaking strategies? A global economy calls for unique, culturally aware, and cutting-edge rainmaking. Janet helps her clients become better rainmakers with specific strategies for rainmaking success–even across cultures. She uses diagnostic tools to identify each lawyer’s particular strengths and talents. Janet then customizes rainmaking techniques to match each individual attorney’s unique strengths.

Grow an International Practice: Do you want to grow an international practice? Almost every business transaction–on one end or the other–involves international commerce. Lawyers work with Janet to develop law practices that succeed in a global economy. She uses her in-house and law firm international practice insights to help lawyers grow their own international practices.

Enhance Leadership Skills: Do you want to become a leader at work? Upward career moves require effective leadership skills. Janet coaches attorneys on how to be recognized as a leader and assume leadership within their firm or company.

Communicate Powerfully: Do some clients and co-workers not understand you? Every time you communicate, you either build your law practice–or detract from it. Janet helps lawyers make every communication count. She coaches clients on powerful and effective public speaking, writing, presentations and other communication–including multicultural communication.

Heighten Career Satisfaction: Are you unhappy with your current job?  Many of Janet’s attorney clients report feeling dissatisfied with and unfulfilled at work. Janet coaches these attorneys to find proactive, creative, custom career solutions. Sometimes the solution is as simple as tweaking the lawyer’s current job–and sometimes it’s a major switch within or outside the law. Using diagnostic tools, Janet helps lawyers identify and transition to fulfilling and manageable careers.


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