Don't Rely on Official or Anecdotal Evidence when Weighing Rainmaking Opportunities

As Indian business goes global, Singapore is playing a big role.  Who knew?

In Globalization of Indian Business:  The Significance of Singapore,  Ramkishen Rajan notes that from 2002-2008,  Singapore received the largest percentage (21%) of India’s governmentally approved foreign direct investment. However, he notes that this contravenes anecdotal evidence that Indian businesses invested heavily in the UK and US (for example, through Tata Steel and Tata Motors purchases).   In other words, there’s a discrepancy between the “official” numbers and unofficial figures.

As these discrepancies show, international lawyers must do their own homework to uncover areas of business growth, and the related rainmaking opportuunities.  Global rainmakers take such official (and unofficial) data into account, but don’t stop there.  Instead they use their personal network to delve deeper and uncover areas of growth.

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