Positive Press for International Law Firm’s Part-time for Partners

Leave it to the Brits to take the lead in creative lay-off alternatives–and get positive press for it.

LegalWeek reported that the London-based global firm of Norton Rose has proposed  a “radical flexi-work scheme” instead of layoffs. It would  allow all staff (including partners) to work 4 days per week for 85% of their salary, or taking a lengthy sabatical for 30% of salary, starting May 1. Most notably,  Norton Rose is the first major firm to include its partners in the pool of staff being offered part-time work and pay.

And given the very favorable comments that follow this LegalWeek post, and other positive press, Norton Rose has created a stir. One comment labeled Norton Rose as “apparently one of the few who seems really to care about its staff” by encouraging partners to reduce their salaries, too. Compliments to Norton Rose for turning a bad situation into positive press.

Take-away: if your firm is faced with bad news (like layoffs), handle the issue honestly and express care and concern for staff. You may actually earn praise.

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