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More Virtual Client Meetings

Friday, July 25th, 2008

As travel costs rise, more clients are opting for virtual meetings, reports the New York Times this week. Improved videoconferencing technology–as well as the public’s growing comfort and familiarity with tools like wikis and online document sharing–have augmented their popularity.

This will impact the way that lawyers meet with clients although, as the article notes, lawyers fall into the camp of consultants that often need face to face client meetings.

The article concludes with the greatest casualty of virtual meetings: personal relationships, particularly those across cultures. After all, it’s hard to pick up cultural nuances, or to really forge relationships, through a screen. Somehow that cup of coffee doesn’t taste or smell quite so good when shared virtually…

Increasingly Mobile Lawyers

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

International lawyers have always practiced law away from the office. Mobility–and the tools needed for a truly mobile practice–are prerequisites to success.

I remember nights in hotels in Buenos Aires, Bogota and other beautiful locations–evenings not spent enjoying the city, but rather talking endlessly to tech support in the States. Such is the life of any international practitioner.

Now it looks like the rest of the legal profession is becoming mobile, too. Read the latest stats reported by the ABA’s Inside Practice Magazine about the increasingly Mobile Lawyer .