Learn from Pink, Inc.

Today I chuckled when I received a package from “Pink, Inc.”

I met (virtually) Dan Pink after he launched his New York Times bestseller A Whole New Mind. Now, he’s turned out a new–albeit very different–book titled The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need. Gen Y is bound to love the Japanese manga-style cartoons, sprinkled with very sensible career advice. (And, for parent-eschewing youths, what better way to get career advice?) 

For those of you who read A Whole New Mind, this book is a surprise.  And then again… it’s not. The new book’s format and verbiage show that it’s geared for a much younger audience, and in this way, it’s totally different than its predecessor. Yet, it epitomizes what A Whole New Mind talks about: the need to comprehend and creatively respond to new trends. Dan Pink noticed a hole in the market (for a Gen Y-friendly career guide)–and filled it creatively.

And so, what can we international lawyers learn from Dan Pink’s example? Research and understand market trends; anticipate your clients’ needs; and then adapt your products (and marketing) appropriately. Just so, Dan developed A Whole New Mind for the NY Times bestseller set, and his recent release for the Millennials. Experienced international lawyers do the same thing when they customize client communication to Saudi male oil execs on the one hand, and Chinese female high tech entrepreneurs on the other. International lawyers who fail to customize, limit their own success. 

One final lesson from Pink, Inc.: if you happen to have a catchy surname, capture it for your business. Now that’s a lesson that lawyers really understand.

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