Plum Lucky Lawyers Probably Advertise in Color

Which colors appear in your law firm ads? Grey?  Probably. Plum? Probably not.

Yesterday’s New York Times explored the current wave of popularity for plum.  As described, corporations both big (American Express) and small (PlumChoice Online) are incorporating berry-tinged hues into their products and advertising. Experts describe the color plum as everything from zesty and distinctive to regal and sophisticated. Madison Avenue has gone plum crazy for plum.

Madison Avenue–but not law firms.

While walking in an airport yesterday, fresh from reading the Times’ plum-focused pontification, I spotted a large but dreadfully boring law firm billboard. Not only did the ad’s taglines mix metaphors, but the ad sent its incongruent messages in black and white. Stark black and white–no other colors.

Why do so many law firms stick with conservative colors like grey, white, black and beige? Not that I’m recommending plum per se, but I do suggest that lawyers step out of their comfort zone and create zippier, more colorful ads. Too many law firm ads (and websites) look, feel and sound exactly the same. They are not memorable, and clients can’t tell the difference among them.

Many lawyers hire me to help distinguish their firms in the crowded international field. All to often, the lawyers and firms do not stand out from the rest. And very often, the law firms’ advertising is too boring.

Snappy advertising in an attractive and interesting color palate communicates that a law firm is innovative–and it makes prospective clients take notice. 

So, will law firm ads ever include unusual colors–like plum?  Who knows? One day, a lawyer may dare to advertise in plum–and become the plum luckiest lawyer of all.

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