More Thoughts About Kissing Your Clients

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me their thoughts on my March 28 post discussing when and whether to greet clients with a kiss. As one lawyer pointed out in her email to me, the geographic location may determine which greeting is appropriate:

“Whether it’s one, two, three [kisses], more or none, always creates that hesitation when greeting for the first time.  Or, it gets even more confusing when you meet the same non-US person in a different country and the rules change again.  When I … spent several weeks every month in the Netherlands, the 3 kiss was the standard with my boss, colleagues and clients.  But when they came to the US, depending on the setting, we would switch to one or a handshake!  Or, when meeting legal colleagues at meetings in the US from different countries, I would have to remember their standard – 3 for the Dutch, 2 for the Argentinians, 1 for the Mexicans, etc.”

Confusing? Perhaps–but at least interesting! As globalization spreads and customs blend across the borders, might a “standard global greeting” evolve?  Let’s hope not.  If that happens, life will certainly be less exciting.

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