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Careers in International Law (3rd Edition) Hits the Stands

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

The third edition of Careers in International Law published by the Section of International Law of the ABA, edited by Salli Swartz, has hit the stands!  Buy a copy now from the ABA and read chapters on diverse topics like practicing international law as a solo practitioner; using the internet to develop your practice; and descriptions of different practice areas (international derivatives, trade and the like). 

The book wraps up with a chapter by Yours Truly titled Creative Strategies for Launching and Growing an International Law Career.



Making Media Interviews Memorable

Friday, January 11th, 2008

If a reporter called you today, would you respond well?

Earlier this week I observed an engaging and dynamic media training seminar conducted by The Ammerman ExperienceKen Haseley, Senior Counselor with Ammerman, shared invaluable tips on how to make media interviews successful.  (Thanks, Ken, for an excellent presentation!)

Ken Haseley stressed the importance of going into an interview with your own agenda inmind–a lis of points that you want to get across.  Don’t let the reporter completely control the interview. Rather, during the interview, look for opportunities to segue to one of your key messages–and then use tight, crisp and memorable sentences to communicate it.

As mentioned in this blog before, stories can really vitalize mundane messages. Ken similarly recommends using stories, anecdotes, analogies, examples, illustrations and compelling data.  These “sparklers” (as Ken aptly called them) will make your points memorable; because they are so interesting, the press very well may quote them.

And, as noted in Tips for Lawyers on Working with the Press, don’t just sit back and wait for a reporter to contact you.  Articulate your points, make them memorable with good stories, and pitch them to appropriate media sources.

Janet Launches The Complete Lawyer’s International Department

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Yesterday I was proud to launch the International Department of The Complete Lawyer (an online magazine for lawyers) with my article on how to Avoid Cross Cultural Communication Snafus. Stay tuned for my article in the next edition about how international lawyers must remain professionally versatile and flexible.

Have You Joined a Social Networking Site?

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Many lawyers launch each new year resolving to network more in hopes of developing more clients.  If you are in that crowd, have you considered joining a social networking site in 2008?  Although social networking certainly attracts more lawyers in their 20’s, there is no reason that more seasoned lawyers can’t, or shouldn’t, participate, too. In fact, they certainly should.

As mentioned in my previous posts about LinkedIn and about international attorneys using MySpace,  these sites add another networking (and potentially rainmaking) tool to a lawyer’s toolkit. (In fact, this blogger has benefited from contacts made through her LinkedIn profile.)

If you are confused about the differences between, and relative benefits of, the various social networking sites, read Janet Ellen Raasch’s recent article for the Canadian Bar Association called Linked In or Left Out:  ‘Supercharge’ Your Interactions Through Social Networking.  As described, many lawyers use these sites for networking (particularly the professionally geared LinkedIn), and have even developed clients through their use.

But not all firms immediately grasp the benefits of social networking–or its importance to its lawyers. According to the article, Magic Circle firm Allen & Overy went so far as to ban its lawyers from using Facebook–a ban that management promptly revoked after a vociferous outcry.