World Directory of ADR Blogs; Podcast with ADR Insights from Different Cultures

Now there’s one-top shopping for finding ADR information.  Look no further than the World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs compiled by mediator and blogger Diane Levin. If you have an ADR inquiry, there’s bound to be a blog listed that addresses your issue.

Speaking of International ADR, this past week Diane Levin blogged about new podcast series by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR).  Titled International Dispute Negotiation, the podcasts discuss how professionals from different cultures approach ADR; they are hosted by Michael McIlwrath, Senior Counsel, Litigation for GE Infrastructure – Oil & Gas, both from his Florence, Italy home base and from the road.  (What a great home base, Michael!)

Thanks to Dan Hull’s What about the Clients? for having alerted me to this topic.

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