Grow Your International Law Practice with a Motivating Budget

As I wrote in my article  Seven Steps for Maintaining Motivation, many lawyers struggle to stay motivated.  However, finding motivating tools or props can help to propel a lawyer forward.

In his new blog Thoughtful Legal Management, David Bilinsky, discusses how preparing a law practice budget can also be motivating. A budget not only gives a lawyer a clear idea of his/her income and expenses, but also helps a lawyer to visualize the future.

As David explains in his July 17 post, “the process of drafting your business plan and putting numbers into your budget spreadsheet takes you into a visioning mindset – where you contemplate your future and your place in it. You take charge of the future that you wish to have.”  Several of my clients have used the budgeting process and accompanying visualization to spur them on; for example, one client was motivated to revitalize his firm’s website, and another to launch a global client development strategy.

Lawyers trying to grow international practices particularly benefit from budgeting. Whether you are a big firm lawyer or a solo, a government lawyer or an in-house attorney, international business travel and related expenses really impact your practice’s bottom line. Budget for the sum that you expect to incur, and be prepared to defend the necessity of this expenditure to your boss–even if you are a solo and the boss is You.  Then envision yourself growing your international practice to–and perhaps beyond–what you have already envisioned.

Check David’s new blog regularly for more ideas.  I had the pleasure of meeting him last fall in Vancouver (my birthplace) at an ABA Law Practice Management conference, and subsequently writing a few articles for the ABA’s Law Practice magazine, which he edits.

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