The World May Not Be Totally Flat Yet but…

Okay, Thomas Friedman concedes, the world may not be completely flat yet, but it is well on its way.  As most of you know, his thought provoking book titled The World is Flat discusses how technology is “flattening” the world, making us increasingly connected.  Harvard Business School professor Pankaj Ghemawat rebutted this argument last spring in Why the World Isn’t Flat, published by Foreign Policy.  Friedman replied, “Obviously, the world is not yet flat. But my larger point is that the “flattening” technologies and processes of globalization now under way are the most important developments not just in economics but also in government, politics, war, finance, journalism, innovation, and society in general.”  Should we add “law” to Friedman’s list?

 Turn to the current issue of Foreign Policy for the full story (subscription required).

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