What Would Your Clients Say About You?

How do your clients speak about you?  For example, if someone asked them to describe you, which two or three adjectives would come to their minds?  If you don’t know, then you should ask.

One of my clients found out–to her horror— that her clients considered her as “tardy”. She had fallen into the habit of over promising the speed at which she could deliver her work product.  She knew that her clients didn’t need their work that fast, but she wanted to impress them. Needless to say she failed to meet those deadlines–often.

The problem was that by promising them a quick turn around, her clients counted on it.  Failing to meet her artificially early deadlines actually eroded her brand. However, thanks to her clients’ input, she changed her behavior and salvaged her reputation.

If you do not know what your clients think about you, ask them.  Solicit input via email from 10-20 colleagues and clients and ask them to respond with 5-10 words or phrases that describe you.  Specifically ask them for both both positive and negative feedback. (If necessary, explain that it’s a branding exercise required by your coach, management or other partners). The feedback will be enlightening, and will allow you to correct some unhelpful traits–ones you may not realize bothered your clients.

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