Tips for Lawyers on Working with the Press

In the current issue of the ABA’s Law Practice Today, Sun Communications Group founder and owner Paramjit Mahli shares tips for cooperating with the press.  In Why Attorneys Should Be Working with the Press, Instead of Against Them,  she explores ways that lawyers can become valuable resources by alerting journalists to breaking legal news or developing legal trends. 

Former CNN journalist Paramjit understands very personally how a journalist appreciates such proactivity by a news source–as long as the story pitched falls into the journalist’s beat and is appropriate to the publication. When I freelanced for the Asian Wall Street Journal and other newspapers and magazines, I was amazed by the number of people who pitched totally inappropriate stories –ones that were complete mismatches for the publication.  Doing so can backfire by irritating and alienating a reporter.

Also make sure that the story you pitch hasn’t already been reported.  “Not only is it embarrassing, but it also demonstrates to the reporter that you or your public relations team has not done the homework. It is a sure way of lessening your credibility with that reporter,” Paramjit explains in her article. 

From my observation, international lawyers are uniquely positioned to get press attention, if they seek it correctly. Because legal developments emerge across the globe,  international lawyers have more material and story angles to pitch to reporters than their domestic counterparts do.   

For more tips on developing a public relations strategy that deals well with the press, access Paramjit’s article here.


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