Are you LinkedIn Worldwide?

Social networking sites are one of the many news ways that people across the globe are connecting through technology.  Lawyers intent on global success need to harness this technology and use it to their advantage–to make and keep contacts, showcase their expertise, and the like. 

LinkedIn is one of the social networking sites geared for professionals, and it is rapidly gaining fans and notoriety.  As explained in Leveraging Connections Online:  Sold on LinkedIn by Eric Heels in the current edition of the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine, the nine million LinkedIn members use the site to meet and stay in touch with other professionals.  And, users also take the opportunity of”promoting their professional capabilities, announcing job openings, looking for service providers, and recommending service providers.”  In other words, it’s a great platform for getting the word out about your interests, expertise and capabilities.

LinkedIn works well across time zones and cultures.  I have used it successfully to connect with former colleagues in foreign countries, and to make new contacts abroad.  Some are listed as “connections” and some not, but LinkedIn has been a good medium for connecting across the globe.  One international lawyer confided that LinkedIn helped him to get appointments with some key investment bankers–connections that he otherwise would not have been able to make.

Sites like LinkedIn add another tool to a lawyer’s networking and rainmaking toolbox.  While not sufficient alone, internet networking strategies become a global-friendly, tech-savvy compliment to traditional techniques.

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