Barnett’s Blawgletter: Lawyer Blogging (and Personal Branding) at its Best

A few weeks ago Barry Barnett, a Susman Godfrey partner, invited me to train the firm’s Dallas-based lawyers about Rainmaking Basics in a Global Economy.  I’ve known Barry for almost two decades.  Besides being incredibly bright, he’s also quite funny.

Barry uses this humor to great advantage in his Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation (winner of the 2006 Advocatus Diaboli Grand Prize) and his Blawgletter:  Business Trial Law with a Sense of Humor. His often iconoclastic humor lets him address touchy subjects–like the firing of Don Imus (who he aptly renamed Don Slimus) and the troubles of Alberto Gonzales–without risk of offending…too much.

 An advantage of this approach?  Readers (including potential clients and referral sources) enjoy–and actually read–his blog and newsletter. His posts have even captured the attention of the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.

The witty Blawgletter and Barnett’s Notes also help to “brand” Barry as a likable person and a very clever thinker–just the kind of guy you would want representing you in a lawsuit.  They also strengthen Susman Godfrey’s brand as a firm that hires original thinkers and encourages autonomy. Not every law firm would allow one of its lawyers to make a name for himself in such a non-traditional way. 

Because Barry peppers his posts with links to his firm’s website, he also improves the site’s ever-important search engine optimization.  (For more lawyer blogger success stories, check out Kevin O’Keefe’s regular blog category on this topic:

Ending on a personal note, this blogger was happy to read that Barry and his colleagues “raved” about the Rainmaking Basics in a Global Economy training. Thanks Barry!


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