Lawyers Hire Coaches as “Truth Speakers”


Why do lawyers hire coach?  Often, lawyers work with a coach to exceed their prior performance; in other words, they want to develop strategies for bringing in more clients, making partner or getting promoted, becoming a leader within their law firm or field and the like.  Sometimes lawyers hire a coach to help them figure out a career change within or outside the law.


Regardless of the reason for hiring a coach, lawyers rely on their coaches to be an objective, third party sounding board.  In other words, coaches become “truth speakers,” as Harvard Business School professor Thomas DeLong says.


Paul Michelman quotes Professor DeLong in his article titled What an Executive Coach Can Do for You.  The article explores some of the reasons why professionals turn to executive coaches.  Many professionals seek coaching to get one-on-one focused attention from an unbiased sounding board/mentor/guide/cheerleader–especially in times of great change or stress. Often, the professional can’t get such unbiased feedback within the professional’s own organization or from family or friends.


And, as Michelman notes, underperforming professionals are not necessarily the ones seeking executive coaching; in fact, top performing professionals are increasingly seeking coaches to help them reach the next career level. What an Executive Coach Can Do for You is available free of charge through the Harvard Business School Archive.

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