Freshfields Associates Request More Training and Client Development Information

As reported in today’s, the London-based associates at Freshfields have published a wish list of topics they want to learn more about during an upcoming associate conference:  “work-life balance, reward packages, appraisals, career path, training, knowledge management and business development.” 

And the partners are listening. Partner High Crisp was quoted as saying that the firm wants “a happy, motivated group of lawyers”. According to Crisp,the firm is mindful  about reducing attrition (which is supposedly already quite low at Freshfields), but recognizes that good partner-associate communication is “also about how the place feels.

As the associates’ wish list shows, lawyers of all levels are hungering for the same things including: more training on business development and other “soft skills”–and work-life balance.  It’s not just true in the US, but also across the Pond.

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