Book Review: Trade Remedies for Global Companies

I asked Tim Brightbill, an international trade law expert and one of the authors of Trade Remedies for Global Companies, who should read this book and why.  As Tim explained,  “In an age of global competition, expanding trade, and global sourcing of goods and services, companies need a better understanding of the trade remedy laws.  For U.S. companies that are being injured or threatened by unfairly traded imports from China and elsewhere, the trade remedy laws are one of the only tools available.”

How true. This book should be an invaluable resource to corporate counsel and other lawyers who need to grasp trade law fundamentals.

The book starts with an overview of trade remedy law, giving guidance on when a trade remedy action would be advisable or appropriate. A chapter on antidumping and counterveiling duties not only explains those concepts, but also includes sample petitions; these forms give readers an idea of the information required to start the claims process, and the format that a petition needs to take. Subsequently, the book discusses the flip side:  how companies can defend against foreign antidumping and counterveiling duty cases, specifically those in Brazil, Canada, China, the EC, India and Mexico.

The book also delves into WTO panels (and includes a helpful WTO settlement timeline), among other topics. Because the International Law Section of the ABA just released this book, its information is timely and current.

In an increasingly flat world, every sophisticated lawyer who helps global companies needs to understand world trade fundamentals–and, in particular, what to do if things go wrong. This user-friendly book provides great guidance.

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