US Public Service Academy Would Teach Leadership, Service and Global Understanding

Colin Powell said, “Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved.  Only by attracting the best people will you  accomplish great deeds.” 

Now two young professionals and former Teach for America teachers, Shawn Raymond and Chris Myers Asch,  have launched a new project:  creating a national public service academy for civilians known as the US Public Service Academy.  As conceived, the USPSA would give its undergraduate students four years of liberal arts college education tuition free.  The students would repay this with five years of public service thereafter working for local, state or national public institutions.  Because so many baby boomers are set to retire, America desperately needs more skilled and trained leaders who are dedicated to and knowledgeable about public service. 

Just as with the military academies, two students would be selected annually from each State. These students would pursue traditional liberal arts BS or BA degrees, but also receive training in public service and leadership.

As international lawyers know, a global perspective is increasingly imperative for success in life. To bolster students’ broader understanding of our world, the school would require one semester of study abroad and  proficiency in a foreign language, and bring foreign students to the campus to study.  Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital (slated for closure) has been suggested as an ideal Washington-based campus. There is currently a bill (with bi-partisan support) pending before Congress, sponsored by Arlan Specter (R-PA) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY), among others, and the USPSA has launched a letter writing campaign to attract more congressional support.  Why not join the movement?                                                

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