Are You a Lawyer Wanting Career Change? Contact Long Lost Law School Peers

Maybe it’s because it’s the start of a new year, or maybe it’s because lawyers are increasingly seeking balanced lives, but career change for lawyers seems to be in the air…  In fact, as a lawyer coach, I’ve had a real surge in new clients wanting career change coaching. 

And so, here’s a tip to help you with your career search:  look outside–far outside–your close circle of friends and family for job leads.  Odds are that you already know about most of the job opportunities that your close circle would suggest.  In contrast, acquaintances outside your tight circle–like long lost law school classmates–are more likely to know about different career opportunities.

 Research supports this.  In works like The Strength of Weak Ties,  The Strength of Weak Ties: A Network Theory Revisited, and Getting a Job:  A Study of Contacts and Careers, sociologist Professor Mark Granovetter proves the importance during a job search of networking with our “weak ties”, i.e. individuals to whom you are loosely tied–not closely connected.

So, expand your social circle.  Contact old acquaintances and classmates and tell them about your job search.  Ask people in your close circle to introduce you to their “weak ties.”  Broadening your network is one key to finding a job that you lov



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