Lawyer’s Holiday Ode to Understanding Spouse

Have you ever arrived late–or missed entirely–an important holiday celebration or other special event with your family or friends?  Most international lawyers can relate to being across the globe and missing their flight home or having it cancelled, only to realize the hopelessness of their plight:  there’s no way to make it home for an important family event.

I remember being in the middle of negotiations in Buenos Aires one time, and suddenly realizing that I was expected at home in Houston, Texas.  All I could do was telephone my husband and lamely explain my situation with inelegant words like, “Well, I’m still here in B.A.”

And so at holiday time, many lawyers think appreciatively of their partners’ patience and understanding.  One attorney even captured his appreciation in an ode to his wife, Merry Lexmas Baby, as published by the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.  

There’s still time for you to compose one, too.  Happy holidays!

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