A Virtual, Global Bar Association: InternetBar.org

So much for traditional international bar associations.  This one strives for a truly global reach.  

Yesterday I met Jeffrey Aresty, the President and founder of InternetBar.org.  Aresty hopes that his collaborative organization will advance the rule of law in cyberspace–thereby further fostering the growth of e-commerce.

Aresty plans for strategic alliances between InternetBar.org and various other bar associations, universities and other organizations worldwide.  Educational programs will teach members how to practice law ethically and safely in cyberspace–and even how to engage in Online Dispute Resolution. InternetBar.org also plans to create, test (via the Internet and open source software) and disseminate new best practices, all promoting the rule of law in cyberspace. 

 International lawyers will particularly approve of this:  the organization aspires to teach lawyers to collaborate across cultures. InternetBar.org also hopes that its members will get involved in building a global consensus about international human rights issues and the rule of law worldwide.

Membership is free.  For more information, access InternetBar.org

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