International Experience without Living Overseas

 In Global Experience Isn’t Always Overseas, the Wall Street Journal’s explores how US-based executives can enhance their international credentials even though they live and work from a US base.  The article profiles two US-based execs who, through frequent trips abroad and global savvy, have enhanced their reputations as international businessmen.  

As the article correctly notes, it’s important to communicate this expertise to the rest of the world:  “Outside the workplace, you can showcase your U.S. oversight of international operations by spelling out the frequency of your foreign trips in your resume, giving speeches and promoting your acumen in the press.”

 Lawyers wanting to emphasize their international expertise–take heed.  Comb your background for every bit of your international experience, even if you handled an international law question tangentially when working on another matter.  Keep a list of this experience so that you have concrete examples to cite when speaking to prospective clients.  And, as the WSJ article notes, be mindful in your marketing; write articles, give speeches and the like about international matters to establish yourself as an expert.

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