Careful What You Email While Traveling

Time Magazine warns against using business equipment (laptops, cell phones etc…) for personal use in its article titled Snooping Bosses:  Think your employer is checking your email, Web searches and voice mail?  You’re probably right . Employers are investing in software like Xora to track employees’ whereabouts via cell phone, and SurfControl to check employees’ Web  searches.

Why does this concern international lawyers?  Because when they travel, most international lawyers just bring along one laptop and cell phone–and they’re usually employer owned.  So, even when an international lawyer is off duty, he or she should be careful about Web searches, picture uploads, emails sent and calls made from company equipment.  When posted abroad for a lengthy time period, an international lawyer should consider renting a local cell phone or bringing along a personal laptop for personal use.

The hard copy of this article also includes tips for staying out of trouble (which tips the online version doesn’t show.)  Those tips include: knowing your firm or company policies in this area very well; searching the Web very sparingly on company equipment; and proofreading the content and style of any blog post or internet profiles that you post, even if you use your personal computer to so.

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