Dissatisfied with Your Practice? Refocus on Your Strengths.

As an executive coach for lawyers, I meet many lawyers who are overwhelmed or unhappy with their law practices.  If you feel the same, maybe your current practice doesn’t let you use your natural talents.

As mentioned on my April 25 post, reading Now, Discover Your Strengths, and taking the online  “StrengthsFinder” survey, gives you invaluable, quick, inexpensive and objective feedback about your natural talents. Some unhappy lawyers have successfully used this feedback to refocus their career specialty.

One international lawyer couldn’t keep up with her job’s travel demands, and so she switched to a domestic practice.  However, she quickly began to dislike her new job. Her StrengthsFinder feedback helped explain why this lawyer thrived on international work; she loved learning about foreign cultures, storing obscure cultural facts, and sharing that data.  Her domestic practice – even one with intellectually rigorous transactional work – didn’t stimulate her in that way. She learned that in order to regain professional happiness, she needed to exploit her natural talents and resume international work–which she did.

Another lawyer found the StrengthsFinder results both liberating and life-changing.  We analyzed her feedback against her employment experience, and she decided to make a dramatic shift away from the court room towards a research-based practice.  And she couldn’t have been more delighted with the result.  After all, we tend to love using our natural talents.


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