Breaking the Golden Handcuffs

This week I led a teleconference about international lawyers who are overworked and stressed but feel trapped in their jobs by “golden handcuffs.”  I discussed some of the unique pressures that international lawyers face because their jobs cross borders and time zones–and the burnout that this causes.

Even if they are burned out, many international lawyers feel tied to their jobs..  Sometimes they fear making less money or losing the prestige that comes with their job.  Maybe their lifestyle depends on a certain income.   If you are an international lawyer experiencing job burnout, you probably want to reexamine your life, priorities and values.  But, before you embark on that analysis, agree to do this:  Put aside your financial concerns for the moment.  Tell yourself that you will not – for the time being – worry about how much money you need to earn if you change jobs, or how you will do it.  Money concerns often sabotage the self-examination process.  First, get clear on the kind of life that you truly want. Then figure out how much money you really need to live on.  Finally, determine how you will earn it.For more on this topic, read the article on Breaking the Golden Handcuffs in the Learn: Professional Development section of the website. 



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