High-powered Women Lawyers Adapt Childcare Solutions

It’s the eternal dilemma: How can successful women lawyers juggle work and family obligations?

Recently I heard a variety of high-powered female lawyers sharing their personal strategies for managing vibrant careers and happy families. Their solutions varied.

One female partner’s husband volunteered to stay home and raise their children.  Another prominent female lawyer detailed her and her spouse’s demanding, heavy travel jobs.  Neither was willing to cut back.  And so, this couple (with three children) hired multiple nannies to ensure constant coverage; even though one parent tries to arrive home by 6:00 pm, having a nanny present every morning and evening guarantees that the parents can meet their jobs’ unpredictable demands.

Yet another female attorney described moving to a more flexible in-house position that allowed her to spend more time with her children.  However, in order to keep getting promoted, she volunteers to be on call 24/7.  She takes her cell phone everywhere and commonly works late at night from home.

Even though these women found different childcare solutions, they had two things in common.  First, they were absolutely committed to maintaining upwardly mobile careers.  Second, they had adapted their childcare over the years to match their children’s changing needs, and the various demands of their and their spouses’ careers.  In other words, they had been flexible about their childcare, and sought out different solutions as their families’ needs changed.

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