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Global Law Firms Attract Clients with Global Pro Bono Work

Filed under: General — Janet Moore, October 31, 2015

Read how global law firms are deploying their talent globally to fix social ills AND to attract clients.

How International Lawyers Can Avoid Getting Fired

A recent article in The American Lawyer shares research by UK-based research firm Acritas about the main reasons that clients fire outside counsel. Major clients cited cost (21%), bad advice or lack of expertise (18%), project completion (16%), poor service (15%), and loss of a key partner (11%) as primary factors in their decisions. Given […]

Tips for Lawyers Wanting to Go Global

For tips on taking your law practice to a global level, please see my recent article on the Texas Bar Journal (July 2012) titled Going Global: Delving into the International Legal Arena. The article shares advice on building relationships with other international lawyers, developing international legal work, handling global legal work, and the like. Happy […]

Blog Live during Legal Conferences: Create Real-time Excitement

Many lawyers blog.  But what about live blogging while at a conference? One of the most exciting conferences for interactive (technology) as well as film and music is going on right now in Austin:  SXSW .  Social Media Today’s Lee Oden, blogging live from SXSW, posted some great tips for effective live blogging while at […]

Social Media Abroad–Reaching Clients Globally

Filed under: Branding & Marketing,Client Development & Rainmaking,Social Media — Janet Moore, March 13, 2010

By now, many lawyers are using (or considering using) social media sources like Facebook and Twitter.  In her helpful article “Social Media 101” for a recent issue of the Texas Bar Journal, lawyer coach Debra Bruce sets forth the pros and cons of various professionally-focused networking sites for specifically for lawyers like Legal OnRamp, Martindale-Hubbell […]

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